Saturday, January 12, 2008

Moving From FTP Publishing To Google Publishing

A while back I created this test blog for the purpose of trying some different things with a blog. It's been sometime since I published here, but thought that now is a good time, since moving over to a new web hosting provider.

As I started looking over some of the forgotten... (the old blog postings) I thought this test blog would be a great way to see how the transition from ftp publishing to Google Custom Domain name publishing would work out.

So, I went into our WebHost Manager and customized a Cname of "test" pointing to If you do not have access to your DNS settings, you would have to contact your hosting provider to set it for you. It's not very difficult for any person that has access to this area to do. was originally a blog on Blogger. Then we used ftp publishing to publish to the subdomain "test". Now, test is still a subdomain, it's just not being published on our server but on Google's servers.

One of the benefits of making a switch to Blogger publishing is the ability to use the new XML templates, which make it extremely easy to edit the template data, even in the sidebar areas. The templates available are too numerous to count. You can even customize your own, if you are willing to put in the time.

Here are some notes to be aware of before making a switch from ftp publishing to Google publishing. If you uploaded pictures to your server, the path to those pictures will be lost. So, you might want to save your pictures from the server and reload them to the web with Google Page Creator or some place where you can host your pictures for free.

Well, lets see how this works...


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