Thursday, January 19, 2006

HTML Code Experimentation

Sometimes Webmasters Need To Have A Sandbox Area To Play In

When developing web pages or designing a website it's the details of doing something that need to experimented with.

Scrolling Information

For example: Having an Iframe built into the page for displaying information from another page is ideal. On the other hand, maybe the information does not exist and the full scope of the information would really run down a long ways in the page. In that case, an alternative to the Iframe is to built a list using a style comand of ( overflow: scroll; ). This has the effect of building a division of a certain size and scrolling the rest of the information down. Hyperlinks can be included along with Javascript. However, Javascript will only function if the page supports it. For example: Javascript can run from Blogger but not in the main posted area. All other areas of the webpage can operate with Javascript.

To see how overflow scrolling functions use the scroll bar on the upper left and sample the hyperlinks. This could also function as a menu system by adding additional style commands.

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